Bad boy boxer Adrien Bronner making $10K a night to show up at parties

With his fighting career apparently on the ropes, bad boy boxer Adrien Broner prefers to focus his energies these days on getting paid just to show up and party at nightclubs across the country.

The Cincinnati-born 24-year-old has held three title belts during his career, but is currently more interested in making lucrative personal appearances than training for his next fight.

According to Broner’s advisers, their star man is pulling in between $6,000 and $10,000 an appearance. Recent appearances including spending Halloween at The Bank in Cleveland and an appearance at a strip club in Queens, New York.

Broner is a busy man and is booked up every single weekend now through until the end of the year, although TMZ reports that he is available to the highest bidder for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

As well as his nightclub performances, Boner has also diversified into other entertainment avenues including an online reality show about him and his crew Band Camp called About Billions.

The boxing champ also fancies himself as a rapper and released a hip hop track earlier this year called Never Had It which was a paean to his tough upbringing and desire to never return to it.

Like his idol, Floyd Mayweather, Broner isn’t shy about flaunting his wealth and his Instagram account includes countless images of the 5ft 7in boxer with large bags of money and expensive jewelry.

In the past, Broner and Mayweather have been happy to talk up their friendship.

Broner has referred to Mayweather as his ‘big brother,’ and the 37-year-old – widely regarded as one of the greatest ever boxers – has tried to advise the young pretender on how to successfully rise through the weight divisions.

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