Baltimore erupts in celebration at the news six officers will stand trial over Freddie Gray’s murder

The same day that the death of Freddie Gray was officially declared a homicide, protests are set for major cities across the country.

Rallies and marches have been planned in Chicago, New York, Seattle, Dallas, San Francisco and Oakland, as well as Baltimore.

This as protesters in Baltimore took to the streets to celebrate the news that the six officers involved in the arrest of Gray would stand trial.

President Obama meanwhile weighed in on Friday after the Maryland State’s Attorney decision to file criminal charges against the officers, saying; ‘What I think the people of Baltimore want more than anything else is the truth.’

He then added; ‘That’s what people around the country expect.’

‘I did not expect this, but I prayed for it,’ Desmond Taylor told The Baltimore Sun.

‘This day means that your actions bring consequences in Baltimore City.’

State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby said to the Gray family as she announced the charges on Friday that ‘no one is above the law and I would pursue justice upon their behalf.’

Meanwhile, Chicago protesters demanded an end to police brutality Friday afternoon as they carried signs reading Police Brutality Must Stop, while crowds were beginning to gather that same morning in Oakland for a protest at the train station.

This close to the site where Oscar Grant, an unarmed 22-year-old, was shot dead by police on January 1, 2009 as he returned home from celebrating New Year’s Eve with his girlfriend.

Most protests have been peaceful across the country all week, even in Baltimore, following rioting on Monday and Tuesday.

This as the curfew put in place earlier this week has been extended through the weekend in that city.

There was however a brief clash between police and protesters in Philadelphia on Thursday as they attempted to block access to Route 95, a major highway.

Police also held off the protesters as they tried to storm City Hall and the Four Season Hotel.

For the most part however both sides were respectful of one another, with the Philadelphia Inquirer reporting that at one point a group of protesters surrounded a police car chanting ‘Fu*k the police,’ but never touched or tried to move the car.

The police in response did not move in on the group.

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