Basics for today’s businesswomen

Advice and trends for female entrepreneurs

In today’s technology driven age, the successful small business owner is a savvy individual with a passion for their product.

A survey recently conducted by and the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) gathered insights from women-owned businesses across the nation. Among its many discoveries, survey respondents expressed an increased optimism for business performance – over the previous year’s survey findings. The study also found that, of the factors weighing the most influence on the decision to start a business, 92 percent of women feel the ability to do something you are passionate about carries more weight than the ability to increase work-life balance. While the question topics ranged from social media practices to the state of the economy – one overarching theme is evident – the entrepreneurial spirit of the female small business owner is thriving in America.

Timely advice for today
To help women at every stage of business operations, and NAWBO offer these points for improving your business bottom line and help lay the groundwork for long-term success.

Ensure customers can find your business. With more than one billion websites now in existence, having a website has not only become essential, but effectively promoting its existence and value has become critical to your ability to gain new customers. If you don’t have a website (particularly one optimized for the mobile experience), you need to either build one yourself or have one built for you by working with one of the many website hosting or development companies available today. Then learn and apply search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, online advertising and other online marketing services that will lead new customers to discover your business online.

Connect and engage with customers on their terms. The personal touch and excellent customer service that encourage people to patronize small businesses can extend to social media platforms, where small business owners can connect and engage directly with both potential new and existing customers. Set-up a LinkedIn page for your business to serve as a networking channel; build a customer fan base on Facebook through promoting specific products, promotions and services and engaging directly with the customer. Let the social media channels drive customers to your business.

Take advantage of new resources. If you’re overwhelmed with the everyday demands that starting and running a business requires or don’t feel you have the know-how to build, optimize and promote your business online, find an expert to guide you through the process or even manage all these details on your behalf. Whether you seek assistance from a business organization or online services provider who can do it all – from design, building and hosting your website to promoting it via SEO, email marketing and social media management, consider the arrangement as a partnership that’s critical to your ability to meet or exceed your business goals.

Whether they own a body shop or a beauty shop, female small business owners are spreading their passions in communities everywhere.

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