Belligerent man shouting ‘Donald Trump 2016’ goes off on racist tirade after not getting seat on subway

This is the horrifying moment a man shouting ‘Donald Trump 2016’ went on a racist tirade because he didn’t get a seat on a packed Manhattan subway.

A fellow rider on the L train turned their cell phone camera on as the man began to repeatedly call one woman a ‘c**t’ because she got the last free seat instead.

The woman who was trying to take the seat can be heard telling another woman, who seems to know the man, that she should call the police and have him arrested.

She then tells the man he’s scared and sits down in the seat they had apparently been fighting over.

‘Sit down c**t’, the man, who is sporting a full khaki suit and a bright pink shirt, then tells the woman, before calling her a ‘beached whale’.

He then returns to his friend and screams ‘Donald Trump 2016!’

His companion calmly tells the man, ‘stop it, enough’ – but he has just begun.

The man slams his foot down dramatically and points at the woman in the seat, screaming ‘Put them back in the f*****g fields where they belong’.

‘That’s enough’ his companion tells the man again

‘You’ve revealed exactly who you are,’ replies the other woman who sat down in the seat.

‘Some people are not worth it,’ the companion then tells the man, continuing to try to calm the man down.

‘No, he’s not worth it,’ the woman who sat in the seat tells her as she continues to ask the man to ‘let it go’.

But it’s not over yet.

The poster, named Johja Ka, posted a second video which shows the man continuing to yell at the woman in the seat.

‘Stupid f*****g b***h’ he screams at her. ‘Stupid f*****g arrogant b***h’

‘Get off!’ the woman who had been trying to calm the man down then tells him. ‘I’m good he says. ‘But she’s too f*****g stupid.’

‘You’re going to need to stop,’ she continues.

‘The way you’re behaving is okay as well,’ the woman sitting in the seat then questions him, to which he responds by giving her the middle finger.

‘Come for me b***h he screams, ‘You’re sitting down there b***h.’

Another woman finally comes and pushes the man away from her, leading him off the train, as the woman asks the man ‘Are you five years old?’

Source: The DailyMail

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