Ben Carson sued for malpractice six times, including by a girl who suffered facial disfigurement

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Ben Carson has been running his campaign for the White House as an outsider, heavily relying on his stellar reputation as a brain surgeon, but the National Enquirer has revealed that a string of malpractice lawsuits dating back to the 1980s suggests that the Republican presidential candidate’s medical career was far from flawless.

Carson, 64, who according to the latest Quinnipiac University poll was in second place with 23 percent behind fellow political neophyte Donald Trump, who polled 28 percent in several early-voting states, stepped down in 2013 as a surgeon at the prestigious Johns Hopkins Hospital in Maryland.

Announcing his retirement in March of that year, Carson stated: ‘I’d much rather quit when I’m at the top of my game.’

A graduate of Yale University and University of Michigan School of Medicine, at 33 Carson was named director of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins, thus becoming the youngest major division chief in the hospital’s history.

One of his claims to fame is that in 1987 Carson became the first surgeon to successfully separate twins conjoined at the head.

But as court records indicate, over the course of Carson’s distinguished 35-year career in the medical field he had been sued for malpractice no fewer than six times.

In one case, Carson was accused of bungling a surgery to replace a shunt in the brain of an ailing 9-year-old girl, leaving her disfigured for life and for a time partially paralyzed.

In another case, the well-regarded surgeon allegedly punctured his patient’s eardrums during an operation and forgot a sponge in her skull, which he later claimed was a tumor.

Others claims against Carson outlined in a heap of legal documents include improperly putting in a shunt, performing an unnecessary surgery on a woman suffering from multiple sclerosis, and leaving a teenage boy with dwarfism paralyzed from the waist down.

One of Carson’s most vocal critics has been 27-year-old Karly Bailey, who in 2009 filed a lawsuit against the former brain surgeon and John Hopkins Hospital claiming medical malpractice involving the alleged failure to properly perform surgery to replace a shunt and remove a tumor.

At age seven, Bailey, from Florida, was diagnosed with a brain tumor and underwent her first surgery at All Children’s Hospital in St Petersburg to remove as much of the malignant growth as her surgeon deemed safe and have a shunt placed in her brain.

Two years later, then-9-year-old Karly began experiencing headaches again, and subsequent tests showed that her tumor had regrown, according to her lawsuit.

Her surgeon at All Children’s Hospital told Karly’s parents that the growth did not require immediate surgery, but they decided to seek a second opinion.

As they were meeting with doctors, Karly went into medical distress and was rushed to Johns Hopkins Hospital, where the family met Dr Ben Carson for the first time.

According to the suit, Carson recommended to the parents that he remove additional sections of Karly’s tumor at the same time as replacing her shunt.

On her personal website dedicated to her medical case, Bailey writes that Carson established a pre-surgery contract with her and her parents that prohibited him from removing any tumor from her brain stem or attempting the total resection of her brain stem tumor.

Source: The DailyMail

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