Big change in credit card rules starts this month

Signatures no longer required for credit card purchases in North America

Chris McGinnis | Source: SF Gate

Effective April 14, a rule change at the major credit card companies will make life a little bit easier for travelers – and for everyone else who uses a card for purchases.

That’s when Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover will end the requirement that merchants must get a customer’s signature transactions.

The end of required signatures is a result of the U.S. credit card industry’s big changeover in the past several years to cards equipped with a small chip. The signature rule will remain in place for merchants that aren’t equipped with chip readers, but that is a small and shrinking minority.

While merchants will no longer be required to obtain a customer signature, they will still have the option of doing so if they choose. For example, restaurants may still want to ask for a signature so the customer has the opportunity to leave a tip.

Full article at SFGate

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