Bizarre TV Interview: Hero father saves family from house fire, runs back for giant slab of BBQ ribs

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When a fire started raging next door, Robin Wright burst into action.

He rushed inside his Fresno apartment to grabs his wife and kids.

Then, risking his life once more, he ran back towards the flames to save what he deemed as a prized possession – a giant slab of BBQ ribs.

After his heroic act, he gave an interview to California TV news station KMPH , proudly showing off the rack of meat to the camera while recounting his actions.

The father said one of the main reasons he wanted to retrieve his early-morning meal is because he didn’t want it to burn.

He told the station: ‘The only thing I think first is, “make sure them ribs is right” and ran over and got my family, man.

‘I got my kid [and wife] first, then I thought about my ribs, I didn’t want to let the ribs burn, I take pride in what I do, man.’

Wright woke up at 3am on Tuesday and, because he was hungry, decided to cook the ribs.

Then flames started bursting through the neighbor’s window.

A mother and her six-year-old child were inside at the time and managed to climb out of a window.

They were taken to hospital and treated for smoke inhalation.

After saving his family Wright went back for the food because he ‘takes pride’ in what he does.

Wright said: ‘I didn’t get any injuries apart from the smoke in my lungs. But I already have smoke in my lunds, so that’s alright.

Source: The DailyMail

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