Black Families Are Homeschooling Their Children More And Here’s Why

By Tanay Hudson | Source: Madame Noire

Black parents are taking their children’s education into their own hands, according to new research. In a report by NBC that focuses on home-schooling in Georgia, it shows that this form of educating children is becoming more common with black families.

According to the National Home Education Research Institute, about 220,000 black children are home-schooled. One of the main reasons why parents have taken the home-school is because of the lack of focus on African-American history in the classroom. It has been found that black history takes up about 10 percent of the classroom time.

“I started homeschooling my kids because I really wanted them to have a solid foundation in African-American history and I also wanted them to be very good readers,” Sheva Quinn said in the six-minute clip  on NBC. Quinn has been home-schooling her two daughters since 2014 and plans to continue to do so until college.

The way children are disciplined within the Georgia public school system also plays in a role in why so many black children are home-schooled. Research shows that about 67 percent of the children that are suspended are black, which is alarming because they only make up 37 percent of the Georgia public school population.

Homeschooling seems to be more effective than public schooling. Research from 2015 indicated that black children that were home-schooled scored 42 percentile points higher on standardized tests than the public school students.

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