Black high school football coach fired after making rap video portraying him selling drugs

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A well-liked football coach at a high school in Southern California was fired after a rap video that he made was brought to the attention of school officials.

Over the last 10 years, Otis Newell has been involved in youth football, most recently working at Simi Valley High School as the defensive coordinator football coach.

When another unidentified coach spotted a music video of Newell’s online, he complained to the school stating that the references to drugs and gang violence made in the song were inappropriate KTLA reported.

Newell says that the goal of his song ‘U Need It, I Got It’ is to use his life story as a way to keep other kids off the street and out of jail.

However, the music video features Newell who appears to be selling drugs outside of an ice cream truck.

The video uploaded to YouTube on Aug. 4 has been viewed more than 7,000 times.

Despite Newell trying to explain to school officials that the video does not portray his current lifestyle, they still fired him stating that his ‘ethics, morals, and character as a human being are not being questioned.’

In an email Newell received from Hani Youssef, the assistant superintendent of education services for the district, said the images portrayed in his music video can’t be supported.

‘Although the music video and song lyrics are not reflective of how you are currently living your life as a husband, father, or coach, the images and activities portrayed in the video are ones we cannot support,’ the school said in an email that they sent to Newell.

‘Therefore, reinstating you as a football coach with Simi Valley Unified is not possible.

‘We do wish you the best of luck with your personal and professional endeavors moving forward.’

A number of the student and parents he has worked with disagree with the school’s decision and have taken to social media to share their feelings.

One student at the school wrote on Twitter that ‘Every SVHS football player would do whatever it takes to get our defensive coordinator back.’

A parent who’s son Newell coached wrote in a tweet to him that some parents have spoken up to the school district in support of him.

Despite the efforts among students, parents and former players, Newell has not been offered his position back as a coach for Simi Valley High School.

Source: The DailyMail

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