Black mom rants at Black Lives Matter protesters for rallying over “thugs and criminals”

A mother and former Navy officer who lives in Illinois has said that Black Lives Matter protesters should focus less on police brutality and more on black on black crime.

Peggy Hubbard, who according to Facebook is originally from St Louis, Missouri, posted a video on the social networking site last week detailing her frustration at protesters who focus on police shooting black criminals and less on the crimes committed by the individuals.

Hubbard’s Facebook rant was in response to news that a black nine-year-old girl in Ferguson, Missouri, was shot and killed on Tuesday as she did homework in her mother’s bed. Since being posted it has racked up millions of views.

She said that instead of protesting black on black crime, Black Lives Matters protesters instead took to the streets to march for an 18-year-old black man who was shot.

WGNTV reports that officers said that the teen pointed a gun at them. Other reports say that the teen was shot in the back.

‘Last night, who do you think they protested for? The thug, the criminal, because they’re howling, “police brutality.” Are you kidding me? Police brutality? How about black brutality,’ said Hubbard.

‘A little girl is dead. You say black lives matter? Her life mattered. Her dreams mattered. Her future mattered. Her promises mattered. It mattered,’ she added.

Hubbard, who according to her Facebook served in the Navy, said she has a son behind bars who she turned into police.

‘I turned him in. Yes I did because I’m a strong black woman. I am a black mother. I told my children that if you (mess) up, if you go to jail, I am not getting you out. You will stay there. You will do the time. I am not coming to visit you. I ain’t sending you magazines. I’m not doing anything for you because I did everything I could for you out here and yet you chose to go in there,’ she said in the video.

She says the advice she gave her son in prison is don’t drop the soap.

According to Hubbard’s Facebook she studied criminal justice at a college in California and later went to work for the IRS.

‘You guys need to stop. You’re hollering this black lives matters (stuff). It don’t matter. You’re killing each other. White people don’t care. They don’t care. Save us some tax dollars. I need new parts for my Harley. If you want to die, die. Go ahead and knock yourself out. Your life does not matter. If it doesn’t matter to you then it doesn’t matter to us. That is the truth of the reality. If you don’t care then we don’t care,’ she said.

After Hubbard’s video got millions of views she posted to her Facebook to say all people’s lives matter regardless of color. She says that she doesn’t ‘have all the answers’ but that she believes that being anti-government isn’t helping black communities.

She said that some people from the black community accused her of ‘not being on their side’, to which she said she’s not on any side based on race alone.

Source: The DailyMail

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