Black woman defends Confederate flag, claims slavery is a choice

A black woman who believes ‘slavery was a choice’ has said she defends the Confederate flag because it ‘represents freedoms’.

Virginia resident Karen Cooper revealed she proudly waves the battle symbol as a new poll reveals the majority of African-Americans believe it stands for racism, while whites say it depicts Southern pride.

In an interview for the documentary Battle Flag, Cooper defends the flag against those who ‘worship ignorance, historical revisionism and political correctness’ as it symbolizes a move away from the ‘tyranny’ of big government.

The former member of the Nation of Islam has now joined the Virginia Flaggers, a group she found through the Tea Party, and has denounced its roots in slavery.

‘I’m not advocating slavery or think that it was right. It wasn’t and none of my friends think it was. It was just something that happened. It didn’t just happen in the South — it happened worldwide.’

Cooper added that slavery was a choice, because they could choose to die.

In her argument she quotes Patrick Henry, an activist in Virginia in the 1770s, who said: ‘Give me liberty, or give me death.’

She insists she would choose death if slavery was still around today.

In the South, only 11 per cent of black people see it as a symbol of pride.

Those with a formal education among whites are less likely to see it as a symbol of pride (51 per cent) while 41 per cent of those with a college degree believes it depicts racism.

Among those whites who do not have a college degree, 73 per cent say it’s a sign of Southern pride, 18 per cent racism.

However a majority (55 per cent) believe the flag should be moved from any building, excluding museums.

Cooper’s interview is part of an ongoing multimedia documentary” by filmmakers Logan Jaffe and Zachary Sigelko, called Battle Flag.

Source: The DailyMail

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