Bosh hasn’t spoken to LeBron

LeBron James spent four great seasons with the Miami Heat, but it doesn’t appear that he has stayed in touch with some of his former teammates since he signed with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Chris Bosh joined Dwyane Wade in Miami with James back in 2010. The big man was a part of the Heat’s “Big Three,” and he was a big key to his team’s success over the past four years. However, James decided to go back home and sign with Cleveland this offseason, thus breaking up the Heat’s superstar trio.

James’ decision didn’t affect Bosh or Wade, as both stayed in Miami.

The breakup has apparently had an effect on a relationship, though.

Bosh recently told reporters that he has not talked to James since the four-time NBA Most Valuable Player went back to Cleveland. Per

Asked by reporters if he had talked to his former teammate since James’ decision to leave the Heat, Bosh answered a succinct, ‘No.’

As to whether he was looking forward to seeing James on Saturday at the game in Rio de Janeiro, he replied with a lukewarm: ‘Yeah … I don’t know.’

‘I’m in the mode where I’m trying to lead my team, help these guys out around here,’ he said.

‘If guys aren’t in this locker room I don’t have much time for them—if any.’

You can take those comments for what they are worth. There’s no rule that says ex-teammates have to stay in touch. Now that the Heat and the Cavaliers will be battling in the Eastern Conference, friendships have to be put aside as both teams are looking to make a trip to the NBA Finals this season.

Miami’s Big Three era is done, and it appears that the players are moving on from the great run together.

Source: Black Sports Online

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