Brave shop owner caught on CCTV overpowering would-be robber, shoots him

A car shop owner who fought back during a robbery attempt in Oakland Park, Florida had it all captured on chilling surveillance video.

Both the suspected gunman, Conrad Bloomfield, 36, of Lauderhill, and Andrew Hepburn, the owner of CAD Auto Parts shop, suffered gun shot wounds.

Video captures Hepburn sitting in his office looking at his phone when a man peeks his head in the door, and then another man comes in and draws a gun. At first, Hepburn is so busy peering into his cell he doesn’t even notice there’s a weapon on him.

But then Bloomfield, who is charged with attempted murder, pulls the owner to the ground and makes him lie on the floor. He hits him on the head, stomps on him, and grabs his arms behind his back.

Meanwhile, the alleged accomplice, also armed, is distracted by another man who passes by.

He pulls the man into the office, but the two struggle, and soon both the witness and the accomplice run off.

That’s when the shop owner sees his window of opportunity and he starts to fight back.

He manages to wrestle the alleged gunman to the ground and shoots at him several times.

Police say during the altercation Bloomfield was shot him five times in the chest.

Hepburn was shot once in the side by the apparent accomplice, reports The Sun-Sentinel.

After Hepburn gets the suspect on the ground he continues to pummel him over and over in the head with the gun until the video finally fades out.

The second gunman fled the scene and reportedly remains at large.

Bloomfield is reportedly in serious to critical condition in the hospital. Hepburn is expected to recover.

‘This video shows remarkable violence. It’s amazing, given the exchange of gunfire in such a small space, that no one was killed,’ said sheriff’s spokeswoman Dani Moschella.

Police continue to search for the second alleged gunman, as well as the witness who interrupted the dramatic scene.

Source: The DailyMail

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