Bucks guard Sterling Brown is lucky he wasn’t killed by Milwaukee police

2017 NBA Rookie Photo Shoot

By Martenzie Johnson | The Undefeated

If there is anything no longer in doubt, it is that Milwaukee officials were right to worry about “community” reaction to video footage of Milwaukee Bucks guard Sterling Brown being arrested back in January.

“I definitely have concerns after watching that video,” Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett said on Monday.

In footage released by the Milwaukee Police Department on Wednesday, body camera footage shows Brown, who was selected 46th overall in the 2017 NBA draft by the Philadelphia 76ers before being dealt to the Bucks, exiting a Walgreens on the city’s south side in the early hours of Jan. 26. Before entering the convenience store, Brown illegally parked his car across two handicapped parking spots and a police officer was waiting by the car when Brown returned to his vehicle.

In the video, the tension between Brown, who is black, and the officer, who is white, feels immediate. The officer, while asking for Brown’s driver’s license, also instructs the Bucks player to step back. An order he makes clearer by pushing the 6-foot-6 guard backward. Brown asks the officer not to push him, and the situation escalates as the officer asks, “You don’t see the issue here?”

And it is right then that anyone watching the video knows this isn’t going to be a quick parking ticket.

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