Calling the cops on black people is America’s favorite new sport

Sisters of the Fairway

By Ishmael Sistrunk, St. Louis American

Seventy-one years after Jackie Robinson broke through the color barrier in baseball, it seems that Donald Trump’s America has embraced another pastime. This new sport is catching on like wildfire, likely because it can be easily played by all. It does not require great athleticism, coordination, training, practice or money.

We live in an era where players such as Tiger WoodsSerena WilliamsP.K. Subban and the Nigerian women’s bobsled team have made an impact in sports that have historically been dominated by white athletes. Now, MAGA Americans upset with the shifting demographics of the country are embracing the sport of calling the cops on black people for trespassing.

In one of the latest exhilarating matchups, the Grandview Golf Club in York, Pa. called the police on five black women, who held memberships at the club, for allegedly playing too slow.

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One Reply to “Calling the cops on black people is America’s favorite new sport”

  1. Heidi Hampton says:

    I personally think this was a personal attack on these 5 ladies just because they were white men and they were sista’s of color.It really angers me about this situation that these whites thought they were above these ladies to call the police on them.This is what’s wrong with society today RACISM and HATE.I hope each of these ladies sue this club because they have a good lawsuit case.

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