Cops interview mother as she held the baby son she had just smothered

Police and paramedics failed to notice that a 14-month-old boy was dead as they checked over his mother, who had smothered him a day before, after a car crash.

Kayelisa Martin, 20, spoke calmly to the emergency services after the crash in Canton, Ohio – even carrying the lifeless body of her son as she went into a police station to fill in an accident report.

Police found the body of young Omoyele Gonzalez later that day, around the same time that Martin threw herself in front of a tractor, killing herself.

Martin and her son, Omoyele Gonzalez, were involved in a car crash at 6.35am on August 7 after she lost control of her Nissan Maxima, travelling over the pavement and striking a fire hydrant. 

Martin spoke to paramedics and police officers while swaddling her son in a blanket – even visiting a police station with officers – but no one noticed that the young mother had smothered the boy a day earlier, the Canton Repository reported.

Police and grandparents discovered Omoyele dead in a bed at the family home in Canton just after 7.30pm that day.

Officers were called to the home because the child’s mother was threatening suicide, police said.

Around the same time, a family member went to the nearby Canton Fire Station No. 7 to report that the toddler was dead.

When law enforcement arrived, however, Martin wasn’t there. They tried to locate her, but soon received word that the mother had killed herself.

Martin ‘committed suicide by walking in front of a moving vehicle on I-77 at Milepost 115’, near Akron-Canton Airport, police said.

A Summit County sheriff’s office statement said that she was struck when she stepped in front of a semi-trailer.

Stark County Coroner P.S. Murthy said: ‘After an extensive investigation by my office and detectives from the Canton Police Department, we believe that this baby died from probable smothering at the hands of his mother, Kayelisa Martin, during the early hours of August 7.

‘We believe that, given what we saw at the scene, that the child had been dead 12 to 18 hours or more.’

Captain Dave Davis, from Canton Police, said: ‘Immediately after the child was killed, his mother was looking for ways to end her own life. We have evidence that she called several other family members trying to obtain a firearm and was asking people if it would be fatal to jump off a bridge.’

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