Cory Batey sobs as he tells Dr. Phil he wouldn’t have gang raped woman if dad had not died when he was young

Former Vanderbilt football player Cory Batey has said that he would not have raped an unconscious woman if his father hadn’t died when he was young.

The 21-year-old convicted rapist told Dr Phil through tears that if his father had not passed away from cancer when he was nine, he would’ve had a strong male figure to put him on the right track.

‘I would like to think I wouldn’t be in this position if he was alive, honestly,’ said Batey, who was one of 13 siblings.

‘I just think a man needs his father at a certain point in life to mold him and discipline him and I think I missed out on that and I kind of had to choose my own direction.’

Shocked, Dr Phil asked him: ‘Because he wasn’t there, do you not know right from wrong?’

‘Oh, I know right from wrong,’ he responded.

Batey was found guilty of aggravated rape last month after assaulting the woman in a dorm with three other football players after a night of drinking in June 2013 – in an attack caught on camera.

As he awaits his sentencing – where he faces more than 140 years behind bars – he sat down for an exclusive interview with Dr Phil, which will air in full on Monday afternoon.

During the interview, he also became emotional as he spoke about his mother, Audrey ‘Jeannie’ Batey, who has worked at Vanderbilt for 37 years and who supported her son throughout his trial.

‘I embarrassed her,’ he said. ‘I embarrassed her.’

When the jury was shown the graphic videos of him attacking the woman during the trial, he said he couldn’t bring himself to look at his mother, who was in the courtroom.

‘Because I knew that’s not who she raised and I disappointed her more than anything,’ he said.

Batey, who is one of 13 children, said that his mother has told him that she knows that he made a mistake and did something wrong but ‘we’ll be okay eventually’.

Throughout the interview, he said he was sorry for his actions but repeatedly claimed he was so drunk he could remember nothing of the attack – so he does not believe it is a good representation of who he is.

When asked by Dr Phil if he believes he should stay in prison for the rest of his life, which is a possibility when he is sentenced next month, he responded: ‘I don’t think I should.’

He added that he does not believe his fellow rapist Brandon Vandenburg, who brought the woman back to the dorm and encouraged the others to rape her, should not be locked up for life either.

‘Honestly, I think he’s a good kid,’ he told Dr Phil. ‘I think he just got caught up in some unfortunate circumstances.’

He added: ‘I think everyone deserves to be forgiven and to be given a second chance. I don’t think that was a clear representation of him. I know that’s not a clear representation of me.’

When Dr Phil pressed him over the assault, in which he urinated over the woman and laughed as she was raped by the other men and sodomized by a plastic bottle, he said he had not been himself.

‘I was drunk out of my mind so I don’t think I was thinking,’ he said. ‘That’s just not a clear representation of who I am.’

He went on: ‘My whole life, I feel like I’ve always been a caring individual to look out for the helpless or the less fortunate… That just wasn’t my heart. That just wasn’t me.’

He added that he hopes his victim and her family can forgive him for his mistake.

When Dr Phil quizzed him about his victim, he said she hoped she could see past what he did to her.

‘I wish she could really know the type of person I am,’ he said. ‘I hate that she had to see me in that light and think I’m that person, because I’m not. When I saw that stuff, I was just praying, I was just saying, “Lord just put it in her heart to forgive me, because that’s not me. It’s just not me”.’

‘I wished I could take it all back,’ he added. ‘I wish there’s a button that, that I could just delete everything, but unfortunately there’s not. And I’m sorry she’s had to go through this… I just hope [her family] can find it in their heart to just forgive me.’

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