Couple jailed for keeping their 11 kids in home full of trash, feces, raw meat

A Pennsylvania couple have been jailed after police found their 11 children were found living in a filthy, feces-laden home.

Tyree, 29, and Takeya Fluellen, 34, were each sentenced to at least one year in prison after pleading guilty to child endangerment charges last month.

The couple were charged in July last year after authorities discovered the disgusting living conditions at their Steelton home, outside Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, PennLive reports.

Tyree Fluellen pleaded guilty to child endangerment charges last month  Takeya Fluellen, 34, pleaded guilty to child endangerment charges last month

One of their sons has since pleaded with the court not to send him back to live with his parents once they are released.

Police and child services had been responding to reports that the 11 kids, aged between two and 14, were being left on their own. Neighbors had also reported an odor coming from the house.

By the time officers had arrived, the Fluellens had fled with their children but police who searched the home found overflowing trash infested with maggots and feces-covered toys and clothes.

An upstairs bathtub was being used as a makeshift toilet and was filled with fecal matter while dirty diapers littered the floor, according to police. Raw meat was left out on the counter while officers found no beds or furniture inside.

When police finally caught up with the family in January, six of the kids were found to be suffering from Shigella – an infectious disease caused by exposure to feces.

The children have since been placed in protective custody.

One of the kids wrote a heartbreaking letter to the judge in the sentencing hearing asking the court not to return him to his mom and step-dad.

The Fluellens were charged in July 2015 after Steelton police and child welfare workers searcehd their home and found maggots in overflowing trash cans, dirty diapers on the floor, and feces-covered clothing and toys

‘She did some things wrong because she has to go to jail,’ said the boy who is going into the fifth grade in fall.

‘I want to stay here’, he said of his foster care, with his siblings, ‘I’m just moving on because they are leaving soon.’

Lawyers for Takeya said she realized how bad the living situation had become but said the family were planning to move to a new clean home soon.

She was scared to ask for financial help in case she lost her children.

‘I want you to know I love my children,’ Takeya told the judge. ‘I want you to know I was not trying to harm them. It was the selfishness of not wanting to lose them.’

Tyree’s attorney added that his client had a difficult childhood with an alcoholic mother.

But the judge noted that it was not the first time the pair has faced charges over the care of their children and sentenced them to between one and two years in jail.

Source: The Daily Mail

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