Davion Only’s biological family wants to take him in

Davion Only’s biological family are still desperate to have him live with them, telling MailOnline,  ‘He’s our blood…. We want to be part of his life’.

Orphaned teen, Davion, 16, stole the hearts of people round the world last year when he made an impassioned plea from a church pulpit for a, ‘forever family’ to adopt him.

It looked like he had finally got his wish when a minister and his wife took him into their Ohio home just after spring break.

But yesterday news broke that he had apparently got into a physical confrontation with another boy in the house and had been sent back to a children’s home in Pinellas County, Florida, leaving his dreams of a normal life in tatters.

Davion was taken into care as a baby after being born to drug addict La-Dwina Ilene ‘Big Dust’ McCloud, in the Clearwater area of Florida.

She died last summer, something that apparently inspired Davion to make his emotional church speech.

Today McCloud’s sister, Davion’s aunt, Doris Barnes said the family were devastated at the news their relative was back in care, but repeated their desire to have him live with them.

She is convinced her nephew sometimes rebels because he knows he has a real family out there, who he wants to live with.

They have spent time with him over the last few months, but have apparently not been considered for permanent adoption, partly because some members of the family have criminal convictions.

Davion is due to spend July 4th celebrating with them in their home town of Clearwater.

Speaking to MailOnline, Doris, 54, said: ‘His cousin just picked him today. Davion is going to spend today with his family at his cousin’s house.

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