Dear Young Girls: Let’s Talk About Money

Dayana Yochim, Forbes

You may be wondering why I’m addressing this letter to you and not the boys. It’s because when you grow up, you’ll have to deal with some things that have historically made it harder for women to become as financially secure as men. Things like unequal pay, time out of the workforce and low confidence about investing.

But it can be different for you. If you go in with your eyes open to the challenges and a strategy to overcome them, you’ll kick butt managing money like no woman before you.

1. Demand equal pay

Say you set up a lemonade stand with your brother and for every cup you sold, you were paid 82 cents and your brother got $1. Totally unfair, right?

That’s unfortunately what women face in the workplace, where we make 82 cents on average for every dollar men earn.

We’re working on putting an end to the wage gap and hope to make it a moot issue by the time you’re applying for a management position at NASA. In the meantime, let’s beef up your negotiation skills and practice asking to be paid what you’re worth.

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