Death of 34-year-old queens woman following botched butt injections ruled a homicide

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The death of a 34-year-old woman who died after getting butt enlargement injections in New York has been ruled a homicide.

Kelly Mayhew and her mother drove from their home in Maryland to New York in May to visit a surgeon recommended by a friend.

But when the unlicensed doctor, who operated out of a basement in Queens, administered the silicone injections, Mayhew started struggling to breathe – and the surgeon immediately fled.

On Wednesday, New York City’s Medical Examiner ruled the death a homicide.

‘The cause of death is systemic silicone emboli due to cosmetic silicone injections of buttocks,’ Medical Examiner spokeswoman Julie Bolcer told the New York Daily News. ‘The manner of death is homicide.’

The doctor, who has not been named, has not been tracked down, despite allegedly contacting police through a lawyer and starting plans to surrender.

Mayhew’s mother told police she started performing CPR on her daughter when she started convulsing shortly after the procedure began at 5pm on May 30.

She said she asked the female doctor to call 911 – but instead she ran from the home and fled in a gray SUV, sources told the New York Daily News at the time.

The panicked mom also called the friend who had connected them with the woman, but she did not pick up the phone, the Daily News reported.

Emergency personnel found Mayhew unresponsive when they arrived and performed CPR on her. She was rushed to hospital, but she passed away.

Her mother said she had previously had five plastic surgeries.

Police are still looking for the suspect and it is not yet clear if police have located the friend who connected Mayhew with the woman.

Deaths from black market buttocks injections have been reported across Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Pennsylvania, Nevada and New York.

In Mississippi last year, ‘Tracey Lynn Garner was convicted of depraved-heart murder for the 2012 silicone injection she gave to Karima Gordon, 37, who passed away days later.

Prosecutors said Garner was motivated by greed and she was ultimately sentenced to life in prison.

Another infamous ‘toxic tush’ doctor, Oneal Ron Morris, is awaiting sentencing in Florida after allegedly injecting patients’ behinds with super glue, tire sealant and cement.

One victim, Shatarka Nuby, passed away from acute and chronic respiratory failure reportedly caused by the silicone that was used in 2012 and Morris is awaiting trial.

She could face up to 100 years behind bars if convicted of manslaughter.

Source: The DailyMail

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