Decomposing bodies of 27-year-old mother and her three sons found in Chicago home

Chicago Home, btbThe decomposing bodies of a woman and three children were discovered in a home on Chicago’s South Side on Saturday night when authorities conducted a wellness check after neighbors reported a bad smell coming from the residence.

The bodies of mother Latoya Jackson, 27, and her three sons –  Andrew, 11, nine-year-old Cameron and five-year-old Cantrell – were found on Saturday around 8.30pm.

The Chicago Police Department has not officially released the identities of the deceased, but they were confirmed by numerous relatives, including the grandfather of the boys, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Local authorities told the paper that the woman may have suffered head trauma and a death investigation is being conducted.

The kitchen in the one-story red brick house was charred and the bodies showed signs of being burned, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

It was unclear whether the burns happened before of after Jackson and the boys died and authorities were also unsure exactly how long the dead bodies had been rotting in the home.

Some said they had not seen boys or Jackson in about a week.

Jackson’s nephew Travante Ederenor said he was ‘devastated’ to hear about his relatives.

Ederenor, who was told by his father the victims were murdered, said: ‘That’s crazy, in my head I imagine each one of them watching each other die and like crying and like begging for their lives.

‘They’re children. Whatever happened… It’s like, you killed a lady and her children.

‘It’s a lady, dude, like, what’s wrong with you?’

Tom Ahern, a special agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, said: ‘Because of the nature of the scene itself, with the four victims and the fact they had been in the house several days, along with the fire, it’s going to take a little more time to process the scene.’

Jackson was described as being in an abusive relationship by friends and family members and was raising the boys on her own after enduring the loss of her mother, grandmother and a sister in the past few years, according to ABC 7.

Her best friend, April Bussell, said: ‘She loved them kids. That’s all she had.

‘It didn’t matter if she did anything bad, she just felt like as long as she knew she was with them.’

Source: The DailyMail

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