Denver Broncos: How hot is Vance Joseph’s seat?


by Sayre Bedinger | Fansided

Approaching training camp, how hot is Vance Joseph’s seat with the Denver Broncos as the team’s head coach? We examine…

Despite the fact that many are cautiously optimistic for the Denver Broncos heading into the 2018 season, some significant questions remain for head coach Vance Joseph.

Just how hot is his seat heading into his second year with the organization?

The Broncos selected Joseph over some other very strong candidates in 2017, specifically Kyle Shanahan who went on to become head coach of the San Francisco 49ers.

Many Broncos fans saw a natural fit between Shanahan and Denver, given his family’s history with the team, their need for an offensively inclined coach, and Shanahan’s interest in joining the team.

After an incredibly disappointing first year, many of the fans who were outraged by Joseph being selected instead of Shanahan seem to have been at least somewhat correct, though Shanahan’s success as a rookie head coach did not coincidentally get better when Jimmy Garoppolo arrived.

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