Depressed Debbie Calls Police on Black Neighbors Because They Were Happy and She Was Sad

By Michael Harriot | Source: The Root

One day, hopefully soon, my dream of colleges and universities across America instituting doctorate-level programs on the study of white people will become a reality. When that day comes, certain elements will be required in the course curriculum to achieve a Ph.D. in wypipology, including:

  • the autobiography of Rachel Dolezal

  • a laboratory with unseasoned-chicken taste tests

  • an audio recording of the Starbucks 911 call

  • today’s video of an Oklahoma woman who called the police on black poolgoers because they wouldn’t talk to her when she was depressed

This latest viral video in the ongoing series of white people calling the police on black people features a white woman who is either drunk, high, suffering a bout of mental illness or just white, making a 911 call while lounging poolside at an Oklahoma City apartment complex.

When the first video posted to Facebook begins, the woman is already on the phone with the authorities. When Poolside Patty hangs up, a woman identified as Ja’Maya Burleson asks the woman why she called the police.

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