Derrick Rose demands $70k from woman who falsely accused him of rape, damaging his public image


Derrick Rose is demanding tens of thousands of dollars in damages from the woman who accused him of rape after he was cleared in his civil trial.

In a papers filed to a California court, the New York Knicks star claims that he and his fellow defendants are ‘entitled’ to ‘expenses they necessarily incurred in defending themselves against…false claims’ brought by the woman.

In 2013 she accused Rose, his manager Randall Hampton and childhood friend Ryan Allen of drugging and raping her.

She claims the three defendants gang raped her without her consent, but while they three men admitted to having sex with the woman, they maintain the act was consensual.

She filed the $21.5 million civil suit against Rose in 2015, before he transferred from the Bulls to the Knicks

Rose’s filing to the court says the woman’s ‘aggressive pursuit of false claims…have taken an enormous, costly and irreparable toll on (him) and his public image and reputation,’ NY Daily News reports.

His November 5 motion asks his accuser to pay $70,917.16, which includes compensation for trial costs, including witness fees, depositions, reporter’s transcripts and fees for service of process.

Sports law attorney David Wallach has said Rose’s accuser replied four days ago saying the ‘financial disparity’ between the parties gives her reason to refuse to pay.

The woman, who remains anonymous, had previously filed a ‘declaration of financial hardship’ as a means to avoid paying the trial costs.

However, Rose has pointed out that his accuser testified to being ‘a 30-year-old woman who owns a home’ and ‘owns a Cadillac.’

The woman is also planning to appeal the jury’s decision, according to Rose, who described her plans to be ‘meritless’ and ‘frivolous.’

She filed the $21.5 million civil suit in 2015, before Rose transferred from the Bulls to the Knicks.

A jury rejected the woman’s lawsuit on October 19, and Rose missed most of the preseason as a result of the trial.

‘This was a fake case for money pursued by a Plaintiff who admitted repeatedly to lying under oath and presented no evidence beyond her own self-serving testimony to corroborate any of her fake claims,’ Rose’s court documents read.

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