Desperate search for 10-year-old AZ boy who climbed out window, ran away a month ago

Jesse Wilson was last seen on July 17, according to police in Buckeye, ArizonaFederal and local authorities in Arizona unsuccessfully searched a field for a 10-year-old boy who has been missing for nearly a month.

Buckeye Police Sgt. Jason Weeks says officers walked Thursday through an undeveloped lot covered with brush and trees as part of what he called a secondary search.

He says authorities have been actively searching for Jesse Wilson since he went missing from his home and want to double check areas that had been searched previously.

Weeks says authorities will not stop looking for the boy.

Weeks told AZ Central: ‘We are focusing on vacant lots or anywhere a 10-year-old can walk to.’

The case still is being investigated as a runaway and no foul play has been identified.

The boy had previously been discovered roaming around the neighborhood, the website reported.

The FBI, Buckeye police and the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office participated in Thursday’s search.

Jesse's mother Crystal Wilson (pictured) told KPHO last month: 'I just miss your loving, caring sweet voice. That's all I have to say'

Buckey Police Chief Larry Hall told AZ Central that searchers were trying to find a body on Thursday.

He said: ‘There are other scenarios we are looking at in which he is alive and he is hiding. It’s been a long time.

‘We have to look at it sometimes as worst-case scenario. We can’t be naive.

‘We have to play out every option. We as police have to do that… we can’t rule out foul play.’

Previous searches have involved drones, US Border Patrol tracking dogs and citizen volunteers.

Buckeye Police Sgt. Jason Weeks says authorities will not stop looking for the boy

Buckeye police said on Facebook last month: ‘The juvenile, Jesse Wilson, was last seen in his room on 07/17/16 at 9:30 pm.

‘It was determined Jesse exited the resident through his bedroom window and left the area of 239th Avenue and Twilight Trail.’

Jesse’s mother Crystal Wilson told KPHO last month: ‘This is your mommy. No one is mad at you.

‘I just miss your loving, caring sweet voice. That’s all I have to say.’

Source: The DailyMail

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