Detroit carjacker robs two men before telling black witness: “You good. I only rob white people.”

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A violent thug who robbed two people at gunpoint before hitting one victim in the face and breaking his nose told a black witness to the crime: ‘You good, I only rob white people’.

Brandon Lamar Williams, 24, made the remark after robbing two people in Detroit on Tueday while brandishing a revolver in each hand.

He then tired to flee the scene, but is now facing upwards of 25 years behind bars after being arrested following a high-speed car chase.

The incident began in the Rouge Park area of central Detroit when the two victims were sitting in their 2015 Ford Fusion, FBI reports say.

According to agents the victims saw Williams approaching with a revolver in each hand before demanding they hand over the car, an Apple Watch, two rings and a black bag.

Williams is then alleged to have pointed his gun at one of the victims and squeezed the trigger three times, but the weapon failed to fire.

He is then accused of jamming a gun against the neck of the other victim before demanding they get out of the car and leave their laptop behind.

As the victim climbed out of the car, Williams is alleged to have hit them in the face with the weapon, breaking their nose.

Williams then tried to flee the scene in the Ford Fusion, but forgot that that parking brake was on.

Not realizing what was going on, a passerby went to help Williams before also finding themselves staring down the barrel of his revolver.

Investigators say the witness stared at Williams who told him: ‘You good, I only rob white people.’

Detroit News reports that Williams then abandoned the Ford and made his way back to a Jeep Liberty, also stolen, that he had arrived in.

He backed up, but his the Ford and then got stuck on a meridian just as a police cruiser had arrived at the parking lot where the robbery was taking place.

Williams managed to escape and led police on a 90mph chase before crashing into another car and hitting telegraph poles.

He was thrown from the car before being arrested and is now facing upwards of 25 years in jail on carjacking and weapons charges.

Police did not provide a report on Williams’ condition after the accident, but his face was too badly hurt to take part in an identity parade the following day.

Source: The DailyMail

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