Diet Mistakes That Prevent Women From Losing Weight


Do you feel like you are in an endless struggle to drop your dress size or squeeze into that sexy date night dress? Are you perplexed that your consistent diet and exercise efforts have yielded less than optimal results? You may think you are doing all the right things but it’s possible that the diet and fitness protocol you are following is actually preventing you from reaching your goal weight and getting the body you want. Read on for the 10 most common diet mistakes that prevent women from losing weight.

1. Dieting Without Resistance Training

What is the most common way women approach weight loss? Crash dieting. If crash diets worked, all women would be healthy and fit.

There are two huge problems with crash dieting. One, a lot of the weight lost is muscle tissue. That means that even if you weigh less and fit into smaller sizes of clothing, you are still flabby.

The second problem is even worse. Dieting slows down your metabolism. The longer you diet and the less you eat, the slower your metabolism. Muscle is your body’s metabolism – when you lose it, you reduce your metabolic capacity.

When you eventually get off the diet – and you will get off – you are bound to gain all the weight back in the form of fat. Worse, you will likely end up gaining more weight than you lost.

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