Disgraced NFL player Ray Rice offered $1million contract by fantasy football site

Disgraced NFL star Ray Rice may have found his next job with reports that a fantasy football website is offering him $1 million to become its spokesman.

Rice has reportedly been contacted with the offer by ProDraftLeague.com, though it’s uncertain whether he’ll accept the position.

‘Mr Rice has shown deep remorse for his act of domestic violence and I feel he deserves a second chance,’ said CEO Mark Tadros.

He would also have to do 30 media interviews and do some field reporter work.

Rice’s career was left in ruins after video emerged of a March incident in which he assaulted his wife in an elevator at an Atlantic City casino.

In September he was cut loose by the Baltimore Ravens, and is now a free agent unsigned to any team.

‘It’s been one year since Mr. Rice physically assaulted his wife and we are very confident that he will not do it again,’ Tadros told TMZ.

‘But in the event that he does while being employed by Pro Draft League, his contract will be immediately terminated and the entire $500k must be returned PLUS an additional $500k in damages that our brand will incur for being associated with Mr. Rice.’

The offer comes as Rice plans to move to New York to attempt to restart his career.

Friday morning, he issued an apology to his fans, WABC reports.

‘The last seven years that my family and I have spent in Baltimore have by far been the best of our lives,’ he wrote.

‘From the bottom of my heart, I thank you all for the love and support you’ve shown my family and I throughout my football career. We’ll always be grateful for the love we’ve received from all of our fans and supporters, and for winning a Super Bowl.

‘To all the kids who looked up to me, I’m truly sorry for letting you down, but I hope it’s helped you learn that one bad decision can turn your dream into a nightmare. There is no excuse for domestic violence, and I apologize for the horrible mistake I made. I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me, and I hope to make a positive difference in people’s lives by raising awareness of this issue.’

In the video that may have ended his career, Ray attacked now-wife Janay Palmer before exiting the elevator to security guards coming to Palmer’s defense and shield her from Rice.

Hotel staffers are seen bringing a wheelchair for Palmer in case she has trouble walking after the elevator attack.

All the while, Rice is seated to one side glancing anxiously at his fiancee.

Janay has been highly critical of the league’s treatment of Rice.

She also said that she’s confident that her husband – a three-time Pro Bowler and Super Bowl champ – will once again wear an NFL uniform.

‘He’s proven himself as a football player for seven years,’ she said. ‘There’s never been a question on what he can do on the field.’

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