Doctor denied job after preaching that evolution is ‘Satanic belief’

The Georgia Department of Public Health is facing a federal complaint from a man who allegedly suffered religious discrimination when his job offer was rescinded.

‘I was shocked at what happened,’ complainant Dr. Eric Walsh told WSBTV. ‘I didn’t know in the United States of America that something like this could happen when your work record is stellar.’

The doctor and lay minister made remarks on both evolution and homosexuality in his video sermons, the affiliate station reported.

‘If two adults agree to do something, then it’s not wrong, because they’re both consenting adults,’ Walsh said in one clip obtained by the station. ‘That is – that is doctrine from the pits of hell.’

In another, he said ‘…Because of evolution and this Satanic belief that man evolved from lesser beings.’

In a sermon titled ‘Culture, Sex and the Fight for Purity,’ Walsh argued the devil used television to increase acceptance of gay marriage.

Those videos are the reason Walsh is not employed with the Department of Public Health, Walsh told WSBTV.

The Los Angeles Times reported the videos emerged in the wake of a decision by Pasadena City College to name Walsh its 2013 commencement speaker over a gay candidate.

More at The DailyMail Online.

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