Donald Sterling vows to fight for Clippers, calls Obama “flippant”

Disgraced LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling insists that the NBA has no legal right to force him to sell his beloved basketball team and fine him $2.5m – and he’s willing to take the fight to the Supreme Court.

Sterling’s resolute stance is revealed for the first time in recordings obtained by MailOnline in which he lays bare his true feelings towards basketball’s governing body.

What’s more, the 81-year-old says he won’t pay a $2.5million fine imposed upon him by the NBA. The game’s governing body also placed a life ban on Sterling from ever attending an NBA basketball game.

The measures came in the wake of the now infamous recording between Sterling and his young girlfriend V. Stiviano which exposed him as a racist.

Experts believe the Clippers – a successful sports franchise Sterling acquired in 1981 for $12.5 million – could now be worth an estimated $1billion.

But the former lawyer believes he could get close to $3billion if it ever went on the market.

Sterling said: ‘You can’t force somebody to sell property in America. Well I’m a lawyer that’s my opinion.

‘If you talk to a girl and you say something wrong… So they should take away for life your team because you said the wrong thing to a girl?

He added: ‘I’m not gonna let anybody take over my team.’

After Sterling’s racist views emerged two weeks ago, an array of basketball superstars including Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan and Miami Heat’s LeBron James waded in to criticize him publicly.

But Sterling insists he will fight the NBA’s ‘cruel and unusual’ punishment and a campaign to oust him as owner through the courts – even if it takes 20 years of litigation.

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