Burglary suspects’ stolen SUV flips during high-speed chase killing both of them

Footage shot from a Seminole County Sheriff’s helicopter captured the moment a stolen SUV carrying five suspected burglars crashed during a high-speed chase last week, killing two of the men and injuring the other three.

The deadly rollover took place November 9 on State Road 417 in Sanford following a string of armed home invasions in the area.

New video released by the sheriff’s office Monday begins with dashboard camera footage showing a deputy pull over an orange Corvette.

Two suspects can be seen jumping out of the vehicle and fleeing on foot, with the Corvette still in drive. An officer then emerges from a patrol car and runs after the rolling car in order to put it in park.

According to investigators, the escaped suspects were picked up moments later by a burgundy Acura SUV, also stolen, carrying their alleged accomplices, reported MyNews 13. 

A few minutes later, a sheriff’s helicopter flying overhead spots the getaway SUV from the sky.

A recording device on board the aircraft shows the vehicle doing more than 90mph along SR-417, zooming past passing cars and veering off to the shoulder of the road before sideswiping a motorcyclist.

Deputies stationed up ahead on the road used tire deflation devices, commonly known as stop sticks, which the Acura hit, causing it to roll over.

Four of five people inside the stolen car were ejected. Two suspects, identified as Adarius Brown, 19, and Antonio Henry, 22, were killed.

When police searched the smashed-up Acura, they said they found cash, a gold Citizen watch and a ring, which were believed to have been stolen from a nearby home earlier that day.

The three survivors of the dramatic rollover, identified as Eric Fairclough, 18; Spencer Thompson, 18, and Sonny Lee Thorton, 19, were facing charges.

Thompson was arrested last Wednesday and charged with armed burglary and grand theft. Police said the 18-year-old, whose criminal record boasts 16 arrests, broke into Lynn Smith’s home along with two other men by crawling through a doggy door, reported the station WFTV.

Source: DailyMail

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