Driver sexting girlfriend moments before fatal crash that crushed another driver

A motorist involved in a fatal car crash was sexting his girlfriend moments before he allegedly careered into a car, crushing it and killing the driver.

Dino Morris was behind the wheel of a 10-ton sweeper truck when he was involved in a four-vehicle crash in Los Angeles that killed a father.

Prosecutors claim the state transportation driver may have been distracted by the graphic messages, with the last one received just two minutes before the horror smash.

Rogelio Torres was killed when the truck crushed his car after colliding with it at 40mph in October 2013, while Cheryl Durbin, who was driving another car, was left with severe back injuries after her vehicle flipped.

Morris told officers at the time that he had no memory of sexting before the crash. He had his license suspended for six months and lost his job but is now driving again.

Despite efforts by Caltrans – which runs California’s highways – to keep them hidden, CBS2 has now obtained copies of the text messages sent between Morris and his girlfriend Schunnese.

Minutes before the crash, Schunnese texted Morris saying: ‘We will be having sex all day.’

Moments later she added: ‘Sex, sex, sex, sex.’

At 8.06am, he replied: Nasty a**.’  She sent back, ‘you love it’, and ‘I love you’.

Finally, at 10.56am – two minutes before the fatal collision – she texted Morris saying: ‘I want ur tongue.’

Attorneys for other people hurt in the crash allege that the racy texts distracted him from the road.

Ms Durbin said she was sure the messages meant his mind was elsewhere before the collision.

‘It just seems so avoidable. It didn’t have to happen if he had been paying attention,’ she said.

The crash victim, who broke two bones in her back, a rib and punctured her lung, added: ‘It was the strongest impact I’ve ever felt in a car. It was unstoppable.’

Investigators said Morris did not break before plowing into the cars on the 710 freeway.

He was spotted on the same stretch of road at the wheel of a dump truck, CBS2 said. Morris refused to comment and ran away when approached by a reporter.

Source: The DailyMail

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