Drug dealer busted after accidentally texting State Bureau special agent to sell crack cocaine

Texting the wrong number can be an embarrassing predicament, but for one North Carolina man, it may mean prison time.

Billy Joe Scales, 59, was arrested this week after accidentally contacting a special agent, asking if the man wanted to buy crack cocaine.

The drug dealer allegedly thought he was speaking to a man named ‘Ricky’ – not an agent with the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigations.

‘There’s probably a better chance of winning the lottery I would think honestly,’ Special Agent in Charge Scott Williams told WCNC.

‘[Scales] just inverted a number wrong or just had a wrong number and he ended up texting a SBI Agent without even knowing it and arranging a crack cocaine deal,’ Williams added.

A screen shot of the text message conversation shows Scales reached out to the agent on Monday, saying he got ‘some real good’.

The agent went along with the conversation, plying Scales for details about what the man was selling.

Both the agent and his superior, Williams, believed Scales would eventually realize his mistake.

“Every text we’re like, “There’s no way he’s going to do this”,’ Williams said. ‘There is no way he’s going to do this but every text is like “OK we’re leaving, I’ll be there in 20 minutes,” and we’re like “OK, we’ll be there too” and hoping he’d arrive and sure enough he did.’

When Scales and an accomplice arrived at the meet-up location, authorities in a black Dodge charger arrested them and found three grams of crack cocaine under the passenger’s seat. They also recovered over $200 in cash, four cell phones and a tablet computer from the car.

Scales has since been charged with sale of a controlled substance and possession with the intent to sale a controlled substance.

The dealer’s driver, James McIntyre Jr, was charged with maintaining a vehicle for the sale of controlled substances.

Authorities say that while Scales has a criminal history, he has never been on the SBI’s radar and would have had ‘no reason whatsoever’ to have an agent’s phone number.

Source: The DailyMail

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