Dwight Freeney seeking ‘right situation’ to continue career

By Jesse Reed

Dwight Freeney was once one of the most feared defenders in the NFL during his tenure with the Indianapolis Colts. Now, at the age of 35, he’s still looking for work as training camps are set to open next week.

His desire to play is still strong, however, as he expressed in an interview with Bill Polian and Alex Marvez on Sirius XM NFL Radio.

“A lot of it is up in the air,” Freeney said. “I have aspirations to play, but the thing is I have to be in the right situation for me. I can’t get put in a situation where I’m running away from the ball. I want to run toward the guy with the ball more than I’m running away.”

Translation: Freeney is no outside linebacker, and he won’t be inclined to drop into coverage.

He wants to be able to come into a situation where all he does is rush the passer, which has been the strongest aspect of his game throughout his 13-year career, as his 111.5 sacks clearly show.

It’s been four seasons since Freeney has registered double-digit sack totals, and he has only tallied four the past two years during his time in San Diego when injuries slowed him down.

No doubt Freeney’s days as a starting defensive end are behind him, but given a key role as a situational pass-rusher he could still thrive. While he isn’t going to blow past offensive tackles with blazing speed any more, his repertoire of moves will serve him well if he does land on a roster this season.

Source: MSN Sports

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