Everything Body Fat Distribution Tells You About You


Written by Marygrace Taylor | HealthLine

It’s no secret that having too much body fat could be bad for your health. You probably focus on how much you have, but another aspect worth paying attention to is fat distribution — or where you have it.

Turns out, there are certain places where having excess fat could be problematic. And there are other places where it might not be that big of a deal.

How can you tell the difference? Here’s what you should know about fat distribution and what it can tell you about your health. Plus, here’s how you can achieve a better balance.

1. Where your fat is located isn’t totally in your control — especially as you get older

You have plenty of say over your total amount of body fat. As for where that fat tends to show up? That can be a little harder to manage.

Most people tend to accumulate fat either in their midsection or in their hips and thighs. But your genes, sex, age, and hormones could affect how much fat you have and where it goes.

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