Ex-soldier who beat 5-year-old daughter to death tries to avoid death penalty

A soldier who is facing the death penalty over the murder of his five-year-old daughter in Hawaii has pleaded with jurors to spare his life.

Naeem Williams read a statement in court on Wednesday in which he apologized for his actions, as a jury meets to decide whether he should face the death sentence.

Williams was convicted of capital murder in April, after beating his young daughter, Talia, to death in July 2005.

In the final fatal blow, Williams left an imprint of his knuckle on Talia’s chest. She had been beaten and struck with fists and belts for seven months.

In his statement, delivered with long pauses and sniffles, WIlliams said: ‘Talia deserved a better father than me.

‘Instead of helping and protecting Talia, I hurt and I killed her.’

After reading his statement to the court on Wednesday, there was little visible reaction from the jurors.

They previously heard him testify that while he was stationed in Hawaii, he and Talia’s stepmother, Delilah Williams, beat the child almost daily.

He claimed he was disciplining her for bathroom accidents and because of frustrations he was experiencing in his marriage.

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