Falcons did what they had to do to make Julio Jones happy

By Mike Florio | NBC Sports

Old-school football types will scoff at the Falcons’ decision to pay more money to a player when the team didn’t have to, but the Falcons probably would respond by saying, “We had to.”

While the details haven’t been disclosed or leaked yet (they surely will be), the Falcons did enough with Jones’ 2018 compensation to get him to show up for training camp and renew his vows with the team that made a bold move up in the 2011 draft to get him. If they hadn’t, who knows when Jones would have shown up?

That’s the message the Falcons surely gleaned by the player’s willingness to boycott training camp. As explained on Wednesday, Jones’ decision to stay away suggested a commitment to his cause that would have caused him to continue his absence into the regular season, showing up either after 10 weeks or not at all.

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