Family demands investigation after police claim man shot in back while handcuffed

The family of the man who police say shot himself in the back while under arrest  are asking for a new investigation into his death, following the release of a coroner’s report which found the bullet actually entered through the front of his body.

Louisiana State Police said in a March release that they arrested 23-year-old Victor White after he got into an alleged fight and he was found in possession of drugs.

White was transported to the sheriff’s office in a police car, and his hands were handcuffed behind him, police said.

While handcuffed, White fired a bullet into his own back and later died, police said.

‘Once at the Sheriff’s Office, White became uncooperative and refused to exit the deputy’s patrol vehicle,’ the release said. ‘As the deputy requested assistance from other deputies, White produced a handgun and fired one round striking himself in the back.’

The coroner’s report, however, cited a gunshot wound to the chest,The Times-Picayune reported.

At a Monday press conference, Benjamin Crump, the attorney for White’s family, said ‘We think the Justice Department has to do an independent investigation. We cannot rely on the State Police here in Louisiana who work so closely with the New Iberia Sheriff’s Department,’ the newspaper reported.

‘How is it than [police] can find these soft packages [of drugs on him] but they can’t find a hard gun?’ Crump also reportedly said.

WDSU reported that Crump also said, ‘[White] has to somehow get his arms over his head, shoot himself in the chest, from right to the left – even though he’s left handed, so he doesn’t use his dominant hand – and then, on top of all of that, the bullet as it gets across, it doesn’t go downward, it goes upward.

‘It just continues to defy all logic.’

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