Father left 5-year-old son in freezing car in the middle of the night while he went in strip club

A dad left his five-year-old son inside his freezing cold car for two hours in the middle of the night so that he could go to a strip club, police have said.

Dwayne Keith Winn, 44, left the youngster in the parking lot of B.Y.O.B Eclipse Club in Humble, Texas just before 3am on Sunday and headed inside, police said.

A security guard doing checks on the parking lot noticed the young boy inside the car, but thought he was a young woman.

Just after 5am, the guard noticed the person was still inside the car and on closer inspection, he noticed that it was a child.

Captain Wally Wieghat with the Precinct 4 Constable’s Office told Click2Houston that the child had been in the car for more than two hours in almost 40-degree temperatures.

‘He was cold and he was shivering and he was hungry, one of the officers went and bought food for him,’ Wieghat said.

Guards found Winn inside the club and tried to question him but he ran off, Wieghat said.

When he eventually returned, he told officers that he had only been using the restroom in the club and had been there for around 15 minutes.

But security guards at the club take a time stamp photo of patrons’ ID cards and Winn was found to have entered the club at 3am and left after 5am, Click2Houston reported.

‘I hesitate to think how it could have ended up and just thank the good Lord it did not end that way,’ Wieghart said.

Winn was charged with abandoning a child with intention to return and remains in the Harris County jail on $15,000 bond.

If convicted, he could face a $10,000 fine as well as a jail term ranging from 180 days to two years.

At the time, the boy’s mother was at home with another baby.

The five-year-old boy has been released to relatives and the Children’s Protective Services will check on the home, officials said.

Source: The DailyMail

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