Father of 4 ‘shot dead by favorite niece after trying to calm her down from violent fit’

A beloved father and uncle who was allegedly killed by his ‘favorite’ niece used his dying breaths to utter his youngest son’s name, say devastated family members.

Clive Francis’ 11-year-old son, Kahari, found his father dying in an upstairs room of the family’s Hyde Park, Massachusetts home.

The father of four’s 36-year-old niece, Yvonne Lewis, described as Davis’ ‘favorite,’ was arrested on Saturday and charged with first degree murder.

Francis, 49, died Saturday evening at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, hours after being shot in the head by his niece Yvonne Lewis, a troubled former Boston Police Department dispatcher who had fallen into drug abuse.

While Lewis evaded police for five hours after the shooting, they eventually tracked her down to a Peabody hotel and arrested her.

Relatives reportedly gasped when she was led into the courtroom on Monday, looking frail, with her head hanging and wearing a hospital gown.

West Roxbury District Court Judge Kathleen Coffey ordered Lewis held yesterday on a 20-day mental competency evaluation at Worcester Recovery Center and Hospital, after a court psychologist and her lawyer reported she was unresponsive, hearing voices and talking to herself, according to the Boston Herald.

A plea of not guilty was entered on her behalf.

Yvonne Lewis, 39 (pictured), was arrested Saturday after allegedly shooting to death her uncle Clive Francis, 49According to family members who spoke with the Boston Globe, Lewis became angry on Saturday, broke a mirror and proceeded to start throwing glass around her parents’ home.

Lewis’ concerned mother called her brother, Francis, and asked him to come over, hoping he could calm down his niece, with whom he had an ‘extremely close’ relationship.

Instead, Lewis reportedly shot Francis in the head and fled the scene in a red Nissan Pathfinder, around 12:41pm.

Francis’ 11-year-old son Kahari was in the house at the time of the shooting.

The boy reportedly didn’t hear any gun shots, probably due to a loud TV, but heard a ‘thump’ against the ceiling and went upstairs to investigate.

In a third floor room, he reportedly found his father mortally wounded, and fighting for his life.

His father is said to have uttered ‘Kahari’ before collapsing to the floor.

‘No words can express how much this hurts,’ Francis’ widow, Tracy, told the Boston Herald.

It’s still unclear what motivated Lewis to allegedly kill her ‘favorite uncle’ but family members say she never fully recovered from her brother’s tragic death in 1998 and that she had struggled with substance abuse.

Francis was a truck driver who owned a moving company and leaves behind four children, a stepdaughter and two granddaughters.

Five hours after the shooting, police tracked Lewis down to a hotel in Peabody, Massachusetts, where witnesses found her in a hallway, lying down in the fetal position, holding a Bible and praying.

One eyewitness told WHDH that her first impression was that Lewis was high on drugs.

‘My mom had asked her if she was OK and she said she was waiting for somebody and initially when I had seen her, I thought she was on drugs or drunk,’ the anonymous witness said.

‘Then after we found out the information about what had happened, it kind of came to me that she might have been in shock.’

Lewis is set to be arraigned on a first-degree murder charge in court on Monday.

Meanwhile, her family has spoken out about how her life had taken a turn before the tragedy.

Lewis’ issues apparently trace all the way back to 1998, when her brother died in a car crash. The shooting on Saturday comes just a week before he would have turned 50 years old.

Family say that after his death she was never the same.

It was also revealed that Lewis was a former civilian communications equipment operator for the Boston Police Department.

Records obtained by the Boston Herald show that she resigned in 2012, after earning $55,747 in 2011.

During her time as a dispatcher, 10 internal complaints were filed against her – including eight for untruthfulness and unprofessional conduct which were upheld.

Her family told the Globe that after her resignation, Lewis was ‘a shell of her former self.’

They went on to say that she started smoking crack-cocaine and moved to Georgia with a boyfriend.

She allegedly moved back to the Boston area after being evicted from her Riverdale, Georgia home this year.

And it appears that Francis knew his niece was struggling and tried to get her help.

About two weeks ago, Francis reportedly called his sister and expressed concern about his niece.

‘He told me, “I can’t believe it. Yvonne is messed up,”‘ Kay Francis, Lewis’ aunt, recalled to the Globe.

Loved ones remembered Francis as a good cook who could make anyone smile within minutes.

‘That was his favorite niece. I love her. It’s my cousin – we’re family to the end,’ Clive Francis Jr., 23, told the Herald.

‘It’s something unfortunate. … He’s someone when I say literally would help you, he would give you everything he’s got. He’s one of those guys that has a helping heart – a family man,’  his son added.

Source: The DailyMail

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