Father to sue hospital after pregnant wife, twins die from natural birth

A father is set to sue a hospital after his pregnant common-law wife and their premature twins died during labor after she was had a natural birth instead of a C-section.

Victoria Rexach, 30, and the twin girls, who she planned to name Chali and Chassidy, all died during the delivery at Richmond University Hospital, New York.

Rexach, who already had two cesarean sections when she delivered her other children, was five-and a-half-months pregnant when she went into premature labor in late August.

According to her family, her doctor, a high-risk specialist, wanted her to have another C-section with this birth, but doctors proceeded with a natural delivery which saw the twins die minutes after birth.
Family members said Rexach lost a lot of blood and went into cardiac arrest.

‘She screamed, and then she was just holding my hand and then her eyes closed and I kept smacking her face, telling her, ‘Don’t fall asleep on me, don’t fall asleep,” said the babies’ father, Tafari Brathwaite told NBC New York. 

‘She looked at me and said ‘OK’ and then closed her eyes, and that was the last time I saw her.’

‘It’s the most devastating thing that has ever happened to me and my family,’ said Brathwaite.

‘She told the doctors she needed to have a C-section because she was high-risk and they knew that.

‘She told them she couldn’t push but they made her push and they let her die,’ said city activist Awilda Cordero, who is working with the family told The New York Post.

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