Father waited until son went to prom before murder-suicide


A Detroit man shot his wife in the back on Thursday less than two hours after they’d seen their son off in a limousine to his high school prom.

Police say Greg Mabins, 58, shot and killed 45-year-old Kim Landrum Mabins then called his mother-in-law to tell her of his horrific deed.

Mabins then shot himself in the head.

Just hours before, Mabins’ best friend Bernadette Cannonier says Mabins had proudly sent photos of her 17-year-old son as he suited up for the prom.

‘I feel a sense of failure, like I let her down,’ said Cannonier.

But in the moments, after Greg Mabins made his final phone call, there was nothing anyone could do.

‘Her husband basically called her and said that he murdered her,’ Cannonier said of the call to Kim’s mom. ‘And that he was sorry.’

Greg Mabins was pronounced dead while en route to the hospital. 

According to MyFoxDetroit, friends said Greg Mabins had been both verbally and verbally abuse in the years leading up to the murder.

‘I never thought it would come to this,’ said Kim’s Chaka Johnson. ‘It was a shock when I got the call.’

Friends say the 17-year-old’s graduation was part what seemed to them like a turnaround for Kim.

She’d been saving money for an extended stay in Florida, where Cannonier lives and to give her son a graduation party.

‘These next two weeks were the most important two weeks to her,’ Cannonier told MyFoxDetroit. ‘She wanted to see her son graduate.’

Johnson concurred. 

‘She talked about her son’s prom coming up,’ he said. ‘And graduation. She just had all smiles on her face. When she left I gave her a hug and said “I’ll see you Saturday.”‘

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