FBI clears top Louisville recruit Brian Bowen in investigation

By Larry Brown, Larry Brown Sports | Source, MSN

The FBI has cleared top Louisville basketball recruit Brian Bowen in their investigation, which gets the big man one step closer to being cleared to play for the Cardinals.

On Sept. 26, the FBI made several arrests of people allegedly involved in bribery and fraud scandals. That group included four college assistant coaches, financial advisers, agents and Adidas employees. One of the allegations was that Bowen, a five-star recruit, was paid $100,000 to attend Louisville.

Bowen was suspended by Louisville but allowed to continue being enrolled in the school while the FBI investigated his case.

The Louisville Courier-Journal reported Thursday that the FBI advised Louisville that it may resume its investigation into the matter because they had completed theirs. The Cardinals can continue looking into the situation to see whether the forward would be cleared by the NCAA to play.

Even though Bowen’s FBI investigation is over, that does not yet mean he has received clearance from the NCAA.

Bowen’s ties to the scandal were factors in the eventual firing of Rick Pitino and AD Tom Jurich. Pitino had said in June that Bowen essentially fell into his lap.

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