Female metal worker forges new career as model, undergoes surgery to enhance 50-inch derriere


A female steel worker from Detroit is forging her way into the world modeling thanks to her surgically-enhanced buttocks, which measure 50 inches around.

Patricia Washington, who calls herself Superwoman, is the only woman employed at the steel mill where she works four days a week, 16-hour per day. The 31-year-old is looking to use her voluptuous curves to carve a career for herself as a full-time international model and abandon her difficult life in the impoverished city.

‘I don’t want to be 45 and look up and say: “Wow, I spent all my life here and I haven’t done anything. I haven’t traveled. I haven’t experienced the world. I haven’t met different people,”‘ she told Barcroft TV. ‘I see myself being on TV screens. I really really do.’

Patricia explained that she had a Brazilian butt-lift, in which she had fat taken from her stomach, back, arms and inner thighs, purified and injected into her behind. And following the procedure, it was her 38-28-50 measurements that helped get Patricia noticed at a club, giving the steel worker her first break.

It is her 38-28-50 measurements that helped get Patricia noticed at a club, giving the steel worker her first break.

‘Some pictures were posted on Instagram and the next morning my followers tripled,’ she said. Patricia was then contacted by a photographer who liked her look and invited her to Miami where she shot her first photo shoot.

According to Patricia, who now has 166,000 Instagram followers, the images were published in ‘one of the top urban magazines’, and she has received offers to do shoots all around the world, including South Africa and Hong Kong.

Patricia explained that she had always wanted to be a model but had given up on her dream until this point.

‘Growing up in Detroit is pretty rough. The city is very poor. I witnessed my own mother murdered here when I was really really young,’ she recalled. ‘She was on drugs. You know, she did what she had to do to try to provide for us.’

It was Patricia’s tough childhood that gave her the strength to enter the male-dominated steel mill industry despite her naysayers’ opinions of her abilities as a woman.

‘When they first heard that a female was going to step up and take the challenge, [they said]: “There is now way. She ain’t going to make it. She’s not going to be able to pick up this 100lb nozzle. She’s not going to be able to swing this sledge hammer,”‘ she said.

But Patricia has not only earned her co-workers respect, they also support her dreams.

‘She’s been stuck here for a long time.so her getting a chance to travel, I know she loves that,’ Patricia’s colleague Kyle told Barcroft TV. ‘I see her going far.’

Patricia, who had a professional surgeon perform her Brazilian butt-lift, loves her new ‘Coke bottle’ figure, noting: ‘I look fabulous honey.’

However, she worries about women who are putting their lives at risk by getting the procedure done by people who are not trained medical professionals.

‘A lot of girls have died from it and that is kind of scary,’ she said. ‘I wouldn’t tell anybody to risk their lives just to look like me.’

Patricia’s behind may be launching her career as a model, but it is also getting in the way of romance.

‘Seven out of 10 guys would just want to sleep with me because of my butt,’ she explained. ‘I [would] like to get married. I am a relationship kind of girl.’

And while she would love to find the right man and say ‘I do’, Patricia is more concerned about turning her part-time modeling work into a full-time career.

‘For the past years I’ve pretty much lived my life like a caged animal, not experiencing everything that this world has to offer [me],’ she explained. ‘So my ambition is to be free.’

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