Female Rikers Island guard claims she fell in love with inmate, charged with rape, smuggling pot

More than two dozen officers and other staff members have been charged since 2014 with crimes including assault, official misconduct and smuggling at Rikers Island (pictured)

A Rikers Island corrections officer has been arrested on charges of planning to smuggle marijuana to an inmate she has a sexual relationship with, according to authorities.

Nicole Bartley, 30, was charged with promoting prison contraband, as well as rape and other charges.

The rape charge stems from New York law, under which inmates cannot legally consent to sex inside the jail.

Mark Peters, the department’s commissioner said: ‘This case involving sex for drugs puts on full display the dangers of corruption in our City’s jails and the connection between the drugs, inappropriate relationships and violence that pervade the system.’

Bartley told investigators the inmate ‘played me for a fool’.

She said she let her guard down because thought she ‘was falling in love’ with him.

Bartley admitted to having sex with the inmate and agreeing to pick up marijuana for him, according to the Daily News.

‘I was in love with him. He used me and played me for a fool. I had sex with him on one occasion in the jail a few days before January 30,’ she said.

She said she used a condom to have sex with him in the closet ‘when everyone else was locked in’.

Bartley, who started working at the complex in 2014, was released on $1,000 bail and faces up to four years in prison for the rape charge.

Her aunt, who didn’t believe the allegations, said that she believes the complaint was fabricated by an inmate or ‘someone’.

Bartley is the second corrections officer to be arrested in four days for allegedly trying to bring illegal narcotics into New York’s infamous Rikers Island jail complex.

More than two dozen officers and other staff members have been charged since 2014 with crimes including assault, official misconduct and smuggling, as officials seek to address criticism that Rikers is plagued by a culture of violence and abuse.

Rikers, which has 10 separate jails, typically has about 10,000 inmates, most of whom are either awaiting trial or serving short sentences after conviction.

The city’s Department of Investigation said a drug-sniffing dog alerted authorities to Bartley when she arrived for work at 5am on Saturday.

While Bartley did not have any drugs on her, investigators found about 70 grams of marijuana at her home that she intended to deliver to an inmate with whom she had a sexual relationship, the department said.

The same dog, named Gunner, helped authorities on Wednesday arrest another officer, Mohammed Sufian, who was found to have hidden synthetic marijuana inside his socks on his way into Rikers, authorities said.

Sufian, who had been working at the jail since October 2014, was stopped by a drug-sniffing dog at the front gate and was allegedly found with more than 60 grams of synthetic marijuana wrapped in electrical tape and hidden in his socks.

Authorities claim Sufian had been paid $500 to take in the drugs and was promised more money upon delivery.

After his arrest, investigators searched his Brooklyn home and found four more packages of synthetic marijuana, with about 126 grams, and a 32-gram package of tobacco they believe was going to be taken to the jail, authorities said.

A 2014 probe found gaping security holes at Rikers allowed guards and other staffers to easily smuggle in contraband, including allowing guards to routinely put lunches on top of X-ray machines rather than through them and guards being regularly waived through security after setting off metal detectors.

Source: The DailyMail

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