Ferguson cop gives full version of why he shot Michael Brown

A Missouri police officer’s full account of why he shot dead unarmed teen Michael Brown has been revealed for the first time – and he describes a frantic struggle inside his police car during which Brown grabbed his gun, twisted it around and pointed it at him – making him fear for his life.

Darren Wilson’s testimony runs contrary to most eye-witness accounts and significantly makes the claim that Brown, 18, charged him after the initial struggle and never raised his arms in surrender.

Wilson, 28, paints a picture of an officer in distress during the afternoon of August 8 as a belligerent Brown, who was 6-foot-4 and nearly 300lb, tried to steal his sidearm and turn the weapon against him.

Further compounding Wilson’s version of events was the revelation that Brown had marijuana in his system when he was shot. The police also say Brown had marijuana on him at the time of his fatal run-in with Officer Wilson.

Darren Wilson’s testimony, as leaked to the St Louis Post-Dispatch, is the first time a full account of the shooting in Ferguson, Missouri, on 9 August has been revealed – and is sure to further stoke the controversy surrounding the shooting.

It comes after partial elements of Wilson’ version of events were leaked last week and the same day that the former head of the St. Louis County Police said he believed Wilson would most likely not be indicted by a Missouri state grand jury.

The police officer’s dramatic account of events depicts a life-or-death struggle inside his squad car with the ‘incredibly strong’ teen – after Brown allegedly punched him in the face and reached for his gun.

And, significantly, Wilson claims he shot Brown dead as the teen charged at him on the street – after the alleged attacker apparently retreated after he was shot in the hand during the struggle in the car.

A grand jury decision on whether Wilson should be indicted on criminal charges is expected within weeks.

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