Floyd Mayweather beat Marcos Maidana in unanimous decision, overshadowed by bite controversy

On the night the dark shadow of Luis Suarez fell over the Las Vegas strip, the lights were switched back on at full power by the genius of the greatest boxer on earth.

Floyd Mayweather was allegedly bitten on his left hand by Argentine wild man Marcos Maidana and not only the deed but the words were ugly reminders of serial chomper Suarez.

The scene had moved from the football pitch to the prize ring but the act seemed just as despicable.

After Mayweather protested he had been bitten in the eighth round, referee Kenny Bayless issued a severe lecture to the Maidana corner before allowing the fight to continue.

One he had finished delivering a masterclass to his challenger, Mayweather said: ‘At first I didn’t know what had happened but then I realised that he bit me. My fingers went numb and from the eighth round I could only really use the other hand.’

In true Suarez fashion, Maidana said: ‘No, no.’ And when showed the video clip of his crime he said: ‘Perhaps he put his glove in my mouth. Maybe he thinks I’m a dog.’

It was outrageous behaviour but it could not diminish the brilliance which gave Mayweather the 47th victory of his phenomenal, undefeated career.

And once he had corralled Argentina’s raging bull for a second time, he raised the prospect that the world might finally see him meet Manny Pacquiao in the $300 million mega-fight for which the world is still waiting, saying: ‘I will talk to my team to see what the future holds.

But if the Pacquiao fight presents itself let’s make it happen.’

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