For White People Who Pretend Not to Understand What Racism Is or How It Works: Here’s a Refresher Course

By Monique Judge, Source: The Root

When Roseanne Barr was called out and subsequently fired for the racist tweet she made about Valerie Jarrett on Tuesday, two things happened at the same time.

First, white people feigned ignorance as to why saying a black woman was the love child of the Muslim Brotherhood and Planet of the Apes was racist. They found all types of ways to excuse Roseanne’s comments, including denying that she knew Jarrett was black. But let’s be clear: The only reason to make a reference like that is for the sole purpose of being offensive to a black person. Roseanne said what she said and she meant it. It was not her first timereferring to a black person as an ape or monkey, and it likely won’t be her last—especially now that she doesn’t have anything else to lose.

The second thing that happened was at once strange, bewildering and amusing.

Roseanne stans and the “Make America great again” crowd found a tweet of mine from seven months ago in which I referred to current Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson as a “monkey of the porch variety.”

That’s my way of saying “porch monkey.” The tweet has remained on my account since I originally tweeted it out. I never deleted it. I meant what I said in that moment.

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