Former Broncos running back Montee Ball avoids felony charges after alleged attack on girlfriend

A former running back for the Denver Broncos was arrested after allegedly throwing his girlfriend across a hotel room.

Montee Ball, who is currently a free agent, has been charged with disorderly conduct after his girlfriend, 20, reported to police in Madison, Wisconsin that he came to the room they were staying in at a Motel 6 on February 5 just before 4am and threw her into a table.

Upon further speaking with the woman, police also learned that just days before Ball, 25, had allegedly backhanded the woman while they were driving to his parents’ house when she tried to speak with him about his spending habits.

Ball will not face felony charges for either incident.

Back in the day: Ball previously played for the Denver Broncos (above in August) and was dropped from the New England Patriots practice squad a few days after the alleged assault

The victim, who said she was previously abused by an ex-boyfriend, told police the two argued after Ball spent the night out with friends and some females.

Ball later said in the police report that he his girlfriend was upset because he had cheated on her.

He was picked up two blocks away from the Hampton Inn when police arrived on the scene walking in just shorts and a shirt despite the below-freezing weather, and was cooperative while speaking with authorities.

He admitted ‘things had gotten physical’ and he pushed his girlfriend away when they were arguing, after which he decided to leave and walk to the nearby DoubleTree to spend the night.

Ball also said that his girlfriend had not hit him or attacked him at any point during the incident.

His girlfriend meanwhile was taken out of the room on a stretcher and had a cut on her right leg and bump on her head that she claimed left her dizzy.

The cut required stitches.

Montee BallThe girlfriend later said the two began dating in September 2015 and that there had never been any physical altercations between the two before that week.

She said that Ball was going through ‘personal issues.’

The Broncos had cut Ball earlier in the season and were heading to the Super Bowl at the time, which they eventually won.

A few days after the incident on February 9 he was dropped from the New England Patriots practice squad.

 Ball was selected by the Broncos in the second round of the 2013 draft.

Source: The DailyMail

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